Visibility of your supply chain

We map your supply chain digitally and make the market more transparent

Accelerate decisions related to your product supply chain

We provide you with real-time, decisive data for your company

Transparency of activities across your supply chain

We make optimization potentials in your supply chain visible

Counterfeit protection for your test certificates

We ensure confidence in the quality of your products by digital means

First-time transparency of the supply chain in the steel industry from production to the end user

ERP independent
Web-based, no software or applications required
Easy to use
Adapted to the specific needs of the steel industry & easy to use
Digital product certificates are the basis for data collection along the supply chain
Visualised data show manufacturers optimization potentials and serve to derive measures


Our digital certification process helps to identify optimization potentials for the steel industry.
For the first time, the procedure collects data along the supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user, prepares it visually and makes it usable.
Our system is tailored to the steel industry and is particularly suitable for bright steel, tool steel, pipes, sheets and plates as well as wires and chains.


For the first time, transparency and traceability of the supply chain is guaranteed and enables optimizations (e.g: inventories, delivery speeds, forecasts, R&D and especially sales).
Manipulation of test certificates is no longer possible. It is possible to check the authenticity of test certificates at any time, which increases the counterfeit protection of the products.
Optionally, products can be purchased as CO2-neutral.


Adapted to the standards of the steel industry
Visualization and evaluation e.g. products, batches & time periods
CO2-neutrality of products (optional)
Easy management of digital inspection documents
Easy management of digital inspection documents
Data security with current standards
Simple, intuitive handling and user-friendly interfaces
Safer production planning
Frequent updates as well as constant further development of our services


Everything begins with the first step. We would be pleased to present our procedure to you personally.

Technology and security

Encrypted data transmission (TLS/SSL)
Encrypted data storage
AI-supported data plausibility check
Anonymization/pseudonymization of data
Certified G5 Server in Germany
ISO 27001- & ISO 9001-compliant
2-factor authentication for transactions
Logs with blockchain technology

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